Can You Die From Low Blood Pressure?

can you die from low blood pressure? And the way to stay healthy.

Can You Die From Low Blood Pressure?

Can You Die From Low Blood Pressure?There is no logical reason to believe that low blood pressure does not cause serious harm to the human body or that low blood pressure is the cause of death. But if the blood pressure drops excessively, there are various risks. Severe problems can lead to death. However, there is no risk of death, especially if there is no other problem associated with low blood pressure. However, it can cause kidney failure or brain problems.

Other problems, such as over-the-counter sleeping pills, can be fatal for people with low blood pressure. Because as a result of taking sleeping pills, the blood pressure starts to decrease further.

Blood pressure is a normal function of our body organs.  blood pressure we mean the pressure that our heart exerts on the arteries. Diagnosing this pressure determines whether a person is suffering from high blood pressure or low blood pressure, Or whether his blood pressure is normal. This blood pressure monitoring is an ancient method of diagnosis that is still used today.

The normal blood pressure for men is 126/69 mm Hg and for women, it is 122/8 mm Hg. If it is more than this, high blood pressure is considered. If it is low then this, low blood pressure is considered.

It is not just high blood pressure that causes various complex problems. Low blood pressure or hypotension can also lead to problems like stroke, kidney failure, dizziness, excessive sweating, etc. If all these problems occur, you must take the advice of a doctor and take the necessary steps. Low blood pressure or hypotension can be the cause of death If you do not make the right decision in time. We need to know the symptoms of low blood pressure or hypotension.

Symptoms of low pressure-
Symptoms of low blood pressure may include mental exhaustion, palpitations, imbalance such as dizziness when sitting up suddenly, fainting, excessive thirst for water, shortness of breath, inattention to any task, If you have problems like increased pulse rate, dark eyes, you should understand that you are suffering from low blood pressure. Hypotension can also be caused by various hormonal problems.

What to do to get rid of low blood pressure -
Excessive sweating due to low blood pressure causes the body to lose water. Moreover, vomiting or diarrhea also causes dehydration. In this case, it is very important to fill the water deficit. This is because the amount of blood pressure starts to decrease further as the body becomes dehydrated. Which can lead to complex problems including stroke. People suffering from low blood pressure should drink enough water, eat food saline, drink coconut water, etc.

If the infected person has anemia, he must be given blood. Because when there is a lack of blood in the body, the blood pressure starts to decrease further. This will increase the risk if the blood is not given to his body at the right time.

Since hypotension is not a disease, it can be controlled without taking any medicine. It is possible to control it through food. People who suffer from low blood pressure can drink coffee. Coffee contains caffeine which raises blood pressure rapidly. For this reason, if the pressure is too low, you can drink coffee. You can also eat chocolate.

Raisin for low blood pressure - Raisin is an ancient diet for the treatment of blood pressure. Soak 15-20 piece raisin in a glass of water. Drink this water on an empty stomach in the morning.

Things to be careful about -
Also do not sit or lie down for long periods. Be careful when getting up after sitting or lying down.

You need to take a small amount of food again and again. And you can eat a pinch of salt with food. Because salt raises blood pressure, low blood pressure can be controlled.

Drink plenty of water. And can take saline and glucose. This is because a lack of glucose or water in the body of a patient with low blood pressure can cause kidney problems.

If the pressure is too low, you can give him saltwater. Saltwater will immediately normalize blood pressure and the patient will recover.

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