Hypertension Guidelines

Guidelines for controlling high blood pressure

hypertension guidelines.High blood pressure has caused a complex problem at present. Almost all people are currently suffering from high blood pressure. However, it can be controlled by following hypertension guidelines. And it is possible to stay healthy.

Hypertension Guideline

High blood pressure is when the amount of blood pressure in the human body is always higher than normal. If the blood pressure level rises above the minimum of 90 and above the maximum of 140, the person should be considered to have high blood pressure. And the condition just below it is called "pre-hypertension". Although it is not risky, pre-hypertension is a sign of future hypertension or high blood pressure.

However, if someone suffers from high blood pressure, it is wise to follow the hypertension guidelines without worrying and keep it under control.

Causes of high blood pressure or hypertension - People can have problems like high blood pressure for various reasons. Notable among these are excessive salt intake with food, alcohol consumption, excessive work stress, mental anxiety, etc. However, research has shown that eating excess salt is the most important cause of high blood pressure. In addition to gaining excess weight, not doing physical activity is also one of the causes of high blood pressure.

How to control high blood pressure and hypertension guidelines

Lose excess weight - 
Excess weight is especially responsible for hypertension. Special studies have shown that people who are overweight are many times more likely to have high blood pressure. For this reason, excess weight should be reduced and the waist size of men should be kept less than 40 inches and that of women should be kept below 35. Besides, the risk of developing high blood pressure increases several times.

Make changes to your diet - 
avoid extra fatty foods such as beef, mutton, butter, ghee, etc. Patients with high blood pressure should take special care in protein-rich foods. However, protein is a very important ingredient for our body, so you can eat chicken, fish, sour yogurt, egg without yolks.

Potassium on the other hand is highly effective in controlling high blood pressure. For this reason, foods with potassium can be eaten such as bananas, tomatoes, dark green cucumbers, vegetables, salads, coconut water, etc. It is also important to reduce the amount of salt you eat. A person does not need more than 5 grams of salt daily. Which can be obtained through the salt that is used during cooking.

Avoid caffeine - 
many of us drink a lot of coffee and many of us like different energy drinks.Its main ingredient is caffeine. All these drinks strengthen the body. But those who have high blood pressure must stay away from caffeine. Because caffeine suddenly raises blood pressure and can lead to serious problems.

Quit smoking - 
It is difficult to find people who are not addicted to smoking. Most people are addicted to smoking. People become addicted to smoking for various reasons. One of the reasons is the extra stress. However, when a person starts smoking, his blood pressure rises much higher than normal. And even after quitting smoking, these levels continue to increase. For this reason, those who are at risk of high blood pressure must quit smoking.

Take care of your mental health
One of the most common causes of high blood pressure is excessive stress. One of the "guidelines for controlling high blood pressure" is to keep stress under control. Many people who take extra stress from office work or personal stress also have a much higher risk of developing high blood pressure. For this reason, try to stay free from excessive stress.

Exercise regularly - 
One of the guidelines for controlling high blood pressure is to exercise regularly. High blood pressure can be completely controlled through regular exercise. You have to walk at least 30 minutes daily. You can also swim.

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