Overworking Muscles

Overworking Muscles?Exercise Addiction

Overworking Muscles

Exercise is beneficial for the health of all of us. That's why doctors and various scientists recommend regular exercise. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of various diseases and ailments. Exercising regularly can improve your physical and mental health in a scientifically proven way. But we all know that nothing is extra good. Physical exercise is no exception. 

Recent studies by various health experts and scientists have shown that excessive physical activity can be counterproductive. It can also cause death. Moreover, by exercising excessively, their physical health deteriorates and their mental health deteriorates. This is why health experts recommend moderate amounts of exercise daily.

Many of us have a habit of exercising daily. But exercise is just as harmful to health as it is to health. A person should not do more than 23 days a month and 90 minutes daily. Studies have shown that people who exercise more than this deteriorate their mental health.

Excessive physical activity has a bad effect on people's mental health. Those who exercise three to five days a week have better mental health than those who exercise every day. In addition, the disadvantages of extra spending have been seen in the case of women. Women who exercise excessively are at risk for a type of disease called amenorrhea.

In the context of exercising daily, Professor Adam Check ward said, “We used to think that exercising daily is extremely beneficial for people’s mental and physical health. This is why we recommend people to exercise daily, but current research has shown that those who exercise more days are not in good mental health. Because excessive amounts of exercise harms us both physically and mentally.

Also, we all know running is a very high-quality exercise.

Regular running strengthens our muscles and keeps us free from various physical complications, including heart disease. But running fast for longer periods of time increases the risk of death, including heart attacks. Researchers examining the difference between the lifespan of people who participate in regular races and those who do not exercise at all have found that the risk of death is the same in both cases.

Excessive exercise can lead to more problems. As such many are not happy for their obese health. This is why they prefer to exercise. With this, he started to control his diet. And when they are not able to lose this extra amount of weight quickly even after regular exercise, their mental health risks can be created. In addition to this, for this reason, more emphasis is placed on diet control. As a result, they forget about their daily nutritional needs. And it creates a situation where you have to give up eating and drinking. As a result, on the one hand, the body can not meet its daily nutritional needs. Excessive exercise also weakens the body. Nutrient deficiencies can lead to a variety of physical problems and diseases. This is basically called an eating disorder. If exercise is not directly related to this eating disorder, then it is indirectly responsible for exercise!

What we need to do to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of excessive exercise or exercise –

Exercising regularly is as good as it is bad. So to avoid this we have to follow some rules and regulations. One of them is to exercise moderately. And what exercise is good for you and what is bad should be decided according to the advice of a specialist doctor or bodybuilder.

It is also necessary to know the rules. And many people find that they do not have peace of mind even after a lot of exercise and are confused about the results, especially when eating. These are the symptoms of compulsive exercise. This problem is seen more in their case by exercising. If such a tendency arises in someone, the advice of a doctor must be taken.

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