How Many Diabetes Types Are There?

How Many Diabetes Types Are There?

How many diabetes types are there?At present, diabetes has become a serious problem and our lazy life is responsible for it. Diabetes does not directly kill the patient, but it does make life miserable. As a result, patients have to strictly control their diet and it is very important for diabetics to exercise regularly. Let's look at the different types of diabetes, the early symptoms of diabetes and how it is possible to stay free from diabetes. Let's know what harm it does to us and how to control it if we have diabetes.

How Many Diabetes Types Are There?

Diabetes occurs when the body fails to make a special type of insulin to control sugar. There are two main types of diabetes. These are type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Although the disease is the same, there are different types of these two types.

What is type 1 diabetes - Type 1 diabetes occurs when our pancreas completely fails to make sugar-regulating insulin and people over the age of 40 are more likely to be affected by diabetes. However, even after 40, people can be affected by type-1 diabetes. Although it does not pass on to future generations in a hereditary way, there are exceptions in some cases and future generations are affected.

What is type 2 diabetes - when the human pancreas is not fully capable of making insulin. This means that the risk of affected type 2 diabetes is greatly increased when the process of insulin production is disrupted and insulin cannot be supplied to the body as required. People with low insulin levels who can't fully control their sugar are more likely to affected diabetes. People over the age of 40 are affected by diabetes and it is also called adult diabetes. It is also passed on to future generations through heredity. Which has a genetic effect. If a person has type 2 diabetes, their risk of affected future diabetes increases by 90%.

The harms that diabetes does to us are-
Although the disease does not kill people, it lowers the human immune system as a result, people get sick quickly. For this reason, it takes a long time for a diabetic patient to recover from a disease. Besides, different types of cuts or wounds on the body take a long time to dry. So the diabetic patient has to be careful about all these things. Elevated blood glucose or diabetes levels can lead to serious illness. But an orderly lifestyle helps keep a diabetic patient healthy.

What are the symptoms of diabetes?
One of the most important symptoms of diabetes is a feeling of excessive thirst and rapid dry throat. Frequent urination and excessive urination. Also the biggest symptom is that if any wound or cut is torn somewhere, it takes a lot of time to dry. If all these symptoms occur, you must take the advice of a doctor and check to see if you have diabetes.

How Diabetes is Tested - Diabetes is tested by checking blood glucose levels. If the blood glucose level is 4-7 mmol / l before meals and 5-9 mmol / l 2 hours after meals, it should be assumed that there is diabetes.

How to stay free from diabetes-
The onset of diabetes in the human body is mainly due to the excess of sugar. Diabetes occurs when the amount of sugar that is taken but consumed is less than that. That's why most people who do less physical activity have a much higher risk of developing diabetes.

We should be aware of this in time. There is a need to pay special attention to the intake of sugar and to do physical work which results in the consumption of the amount of sugar that we take every day. On the other hand, foods that are high in sugar should be eaten less and nutritious food should be taken.

Exercise is also very important to stay free from diabetes. It is possible to avoid the risk of diabetes by regular physical activity and exercise. This is because exercise depletes the glucose stored in our body. As a result, the risk of developing diabetes is greatly reduced.

How to stay healthy if you have diabetes-
We already know that if someone has diabetes, it is never possible to eradicate it. For this reason, once someone is infected with it, he has to carry it until he dies. However, if the rules are followed, the diabetic patient can be completely healthy.

One of these rules and regulations is disciplined eating habits. Sugar is the main source of glucose. So if you have diabetes, you should avoid such foods. As well as increasing the amount of vegetables by reducing the amount of sugar in the daily food list.

 Every morning you have to wake up and walk for at least half an hour. If you make it a habit to walk every morning diabetes will be under control, other diseases and illnesses will be under control.

Eating control
One of the best ways to control diabetes is to follow certain dietary rules. Specialist doctors advise a diabetic patient to eat bread twice a day and rice once a day and should not eat more than two loaves of bread per day. Fat and excess oil should be taken in moderation. As a result, the demand for vitamins and other nutrients may increase, so the amount of vegetables and fruits in the daily diet should be increased. Such as peas, beans, broccoli, raw papaya can be eaten in large quantities.

Follow the doctor's advice regularly and check for diabetes once a month. If the level of diabetes is tolerable, you do not have to take medicine, but if the level of diabetes increases, you have to take medicine or if you have excessive amount, you have to take insulin. Because it takes time to recover from the cut, there is a fear of infection.

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