Best Baby Food

Best Baby Food

The health of a baby needs to be closely monitored from the moment he is born, i.e. from the time of pregnancy. On the one hand,The health of the baby needs to be taken care of, also needs to take care of his daily nutritional needs. Because the role of nutritious food in the development of the child's brain is incomparable. So it is very important to make food list and routine during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby.

Best Baby Food

What should be the diet of pregnant mother-
When a baby is in his mother's womb, he collects all the things he needs from his mother's body. For this reason, all its breathing is connected with its mother. In this case, pregnant mothers need special care to protect the health of the baby. At this time, special care should be taken in all tasks including refraining from heavy work. And the mother needs to ensure nutritious food for the physical development of the baby and the development of the brain.

Pregnant women need 300 to 500 extra calories per day. Also need 1,200 milligrams of calcium, 600 to 800 micrograms of folate and 26 milligrams of iron. Which is crucial for the development of the baby. For this reason, special food list has to be made by changing the regular food list. And care must be taken to meet the needs of these nutrients. The foods you can eat to meet these nutritional needs are,

Eggs - Eggs contain proteins or amino acids that play a vital role in cell regeneration and repair. And protein is especially important for a baby's physical development.

Fat-free milk -Milk is called a balanced diet. It contains adequate amounts of calcium along with other nutrients and minerals which strengthen the baby's bones and teeth. However, if excess fat is added to the milk, it can cause problems.

Lean meat - Pregnant women need extra iron. Iron-rich foods are very important during pregnancy. To make up for the deficiency, lean meats such as skinless chicken, mutton legs, etc. Fatigue can occur if the body is deficient in iron.

Banana - A banana has 100 calories. And it is an important source of folic acid, vitamin B6, calcium and potassium. Bananas also contain anti-oxidants and help increase energy. However, for some reason it is better to avoid bananas. It is better not to eat bananas for those who have allergic problems and diabetes or gestational diabetes.

Vegetables and fruits - The role of vegetables and fruits in filling the deficiency of various vitamins is immense. So you need to take more and more of these during pregnancy along with other foods.

In this condition many people are seen to be reluctant to eat. Therefore, it is necessary to take small amount of food at regular intervals without taking too much food at once. There are also a number of foods that can have harmful effects. For example, foods containing extra amount of vitamin C or foods containing extra vitamin "A" should be avoided. Because these increase various health risks during pregnancy.

After that, if the child is born, must take care of his food. Because at this time the child's physical growth. Foods rich in vitamins and essential nutrients are needed for brain development and immunity. However, the list of these foods must be changed according to the age.Let's know what the food list of children of different ages should be!

6 months after birth - When a baby is born,he loses physical contact with his mother. As a result, he needs to breathe and eat separately. The baby should be breastfed immediately after birth. And the baby should be given milk every time it cries. However, if the baby does not get enough milk, he should take metoclopramide as advised by the doctor.

However, from the birth of a baby until the next 6 months, breast milk is enough for the baby. By this time a baby's does not need any food. Not even a drop of water. Because mother's breast milk contains everything necessary for a baby. In many cases, the mother's breast milk is not filling the baby's stomach. Due to this, the baby is given alternative food due to lack of breast milk. In that case the advice of an experienced doctor should be taken. And take action as advised.

6 - 12 month old baby food list - 6 months of age, the baby should be given other food. Because at this time, just as the mother's breast milk decreases, so does the baby's need for food. So at this time children should be given different types of nutritious food little by little. And breast milk should be fed as well.

2 year old baby food list - At this time children can be fed all kinds of food including fish, meat, milk, eggs. And the nutritional needs need to be met just like that. Because this is the right time for brain development and body formation.

What to do to prevent anorexia nervosa - A common problem among children today is that they do not want to eat properly. So every mother has a lot of problems with feeding them. In this condition the child needs to be given nutritious food as well as delicious food. And to change the diet routine by maintaining nutritional value without giving one type of food every day. As a result, baby will not be bothered to eat. And the taste in the baby's mouth will also increase.

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